The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine can be summed up as follows

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine can be summed up as follows

Massage therapy


The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine can be summed up as follows -

vis medicatrix naturae - Nature has Healing Powers

Tolle causam - Identify and Treat the Cause

Docere - Physician as Teacher

Treat the Whole Person

Establish Health and Wellness

Natural Therapies maybe used by anyone HOWEVER you must advise both your doctor and Natural Therapist of any medications you are taking to be sure there are no adverse reactions

Metabolic Typing

Identifies your Metabolic Type which allows for you to select the correct foods for you as an individual, enabling your body to function at its optimum level. This is the answer to the Diet maze nightmare. We are all biochemically different and as such have different nutritional needs, there is no one diet fits all, or food pyramid for everyone, as we are all unique. The explanation of what works for one person may have no effect on another person and may make a third person worse.

Metabolic Typing draws upon the work of many groundbreaking nutritional pioneers such as Weston A Price, Edward Howell, Roger Williams, William Wolcott and George Watson. It focuses on our biochemical individuality and draws upon both our environmental and genetic heritage.

One size fits all health definitions have become very popular in the last 30 years however in this timeframe the health of those in Western countries has declined significantly with obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue and allergies increasing to epidemic proportions.

By uncovering your individual genetically based nutritional needs you may -

- prevent chronic illness
- optimise your physical energy and mental clarity
- lose weight naturally and maintain your ideal weight
- strengthen immunity
- slow down the aging process
- enhance athletic performance
- overcome mood swings and depression

Metabolic Typing is very important in underpinning any overall health regime.


Is a therapy consisting of stimulating the body by injecting a sterile saline solution (which is exactly the same as the bodies fluid composition) under the skin.

This stimulates deeper organ systems known as the cutivisceral arc. Oral homeopathic medicines are given at the same time which focus upon the organ or tissue requiring treatment.

Over 70 million Biomesotherapy treatments take place in Europe each year.
It is a popular form of natural medicine.

Biomesotherapy stimulates your body''s own healing capacity. The body is encouraged to start healing itself.

Biomesotherapy cannot heal all your medical problems and is not a miracle therapy. It is however a powerful adjunct to all forms of medicines. It is very effective in the treatment of pain relief and for musculoskeletal conditions. Although there is pain relief it is important to realise that Biomesotherapy does not suppress the symptom as with the conventional medicine. It simply reorganises the body''s information to support a healing response.

It is not indicated in the treatment of Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Epilepsy or Depression.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been practised by mankind for centuries and dates back to our most primitive times. Many of todays pharmaceutical preparations are merely synthetic versions of herbs found to have therapeutic effects upon specific conditions.


Correct nutrition is also the basis to wellness and as such we do not endorse supplementation over correct eating habits. A culture has emerged in the last century of just wanting to pop a pill to feel better and continue with eating "junk food". Instead we will work with you to optimise your eating habits and maximise your nutritional status resorting to only the most needed of supplementation regimes.

Allergy Treatments

Allergy Treatments - This treatment is a non invasive acupressure technique which is used to help retrain the body''s immune response to allergens.This method works by temporarily strengthening the immune system whilst being exposed to the allergen in question. It is derived from NAET & BIOSET principles and is most effective when combined with Naturopathic protocols.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences are an energetic medicine that is compatible with any medication and is appropriate for all age groups from newborn to centenarians.


EFT- Is Emotional Freedom Technique, A fast effective acupressure technique that is used for treating phobias, addictions, trauma, general anxieties and much more. This is an easily learnt technique that once taught may provide relief in a matter of minutes.

Holistic Pet Care

Holistic Pet Care - Using techniques derived from Nutrition, Meridian and Flower Essence therapies, we can help improve your pets general health and behaviour as well as work in with your veteranarian in treating specific health problems. Consultations are at this point in time only available in your home for your Pets. Price is on appointment.

Personalised Cooking Classes

Personalised Cooking Classes - Teaches you tricks and tips for cooking basic and nutritious meals in your own home on a budget. Lessons can include the whole family. Price on appointment.