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Who Else Would Like To Optimize Their Health and Wellness To Be the Best It Can Be?

We live in a time when the opportunity to have optimal health and wellness is at our fingertips. Never in the history of the world have we had so many brilliant people finding so many solutions to age old health concerns. While there are still many diseases that need to be better understood and solved, on the whole, our amazing human body as the ability to cure itself of almost all so-called diseases, when given the proper nutrition and help, and designed with optimal health in mind.

Evil Designs

An area that is still being exploited by those who care little about our wellness and mostly about their pocketbooks is the health industry. Today we have many diseases that are so-called diseases. A so-called disease is when conventional medicine takes a set of symptoms and calls that a disease – when it is not. For instance, one drug company has stated, ‘Osteoporosis is a disease that causes weak and fragile bones.’ Then it recommends a particular drug to counteract this ‘disease’.

However, let''s not be misled. Osteoporosis doesn’t cause weak bones, Osteoporosis is simply the diagnosis of weak and fragile bones which is caused by excess acidity in the body. The disease is really ‘Excess Acidity’. The way to solve this disease is to get rid of the excess acidity and the body will make itself healthy again.

For example, let’s say someone has been diagnosed with the so-called disease of high cholesterol. The cure, we are told, is to get rid of the high cholesterol. Drugs can do that - but the problem has not really been solved. Only the symptom – high cholesterol - is gone. The underlying health problems

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that created the high cholesterol are still there being ignored by conventional medicine, doctors, as well as the patients themselves. The real disease has not been named which really should simply be named ‘unhealthy diet’.

The real reason we have ‘high cholesterol’ is because we have put too much of the wrong kind of food and drinks into our body. In an attempt to restore the body to proper health and wellness, the liver puts out excess cholesterol – and bingo – we have ‘high cholesterol’. To really solve the problem, we need to lower or cut out of our diet those things which produce the problem such as processed foods, coffee, tea, sugar, and soft drinks. If we do this we will reduce the cholesterol that is trying to save us from our bad diet. By naming cholesterol as the problem, the medical and pharmaceutical community can use a drug to control it and claim a medical success.

In fact, there has been no success at all – and possibly other complications from the side effects of the drugs.

Of course you can''t change your body overnight so there are natural products like Cholesto-Rite that you can use while you are improving your diet that won''t have side effects. Get More Info on Cholesto-Rite for Cholesterol Control to Help Control LDL (bad cholesterol), Maintain healthy HDL levels and Reduce Risk of Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Attack and Stroke

Another example to help you get a clearer understanding is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is quite easy to see the real cause. When we consume refined carbohydrates and sugars in large quantities, as well as overeating beef, chicken, and pork - without doing any or very little regular physical exercise - we can pretty well predict diabetes. The more obese people become, as they are in our society, the more likely they will have diabetes.

Diabetes is another ‘unhealthy diet’ disease. The solution is really rather simple – simply use much less sugar - cut out coffee, tea, and particularly soft drinks - and eat more vegetables and fruit - and health and wellness will be the product. Native Remedies has a product called Triple Complex Diabetonic which will:

  • Maintain routine balance of cell salts in the body
  • Safely treat a variety of symptoms during pregnancy and nursing (Safe for children of all ages, including babies)
  • Made from Tissue Salts, also called cell salts or biochemic salts, Triple Complex Diabetonic is composed of minerals which occur naturally at a cellular level in our bodies and all organic matter on earth, such as plants, rocks and soil.

    Put simply, cancer is an abnormal multiplication of cells. Cells in our body are born and die every day. That is normal. The reason for an abnormal multiplication of cells is because the body is already not healthy, and it is trying to correct whatever problem it is being faced with. So cancer is really not the disease – the disease is what our cancerous cells are reacting to in an attempt to restore the body to health.

    If a person’s lifestyle and diet has not changed, the cancer will be back. Most people who undergo chemotherapy or the removal of tumors simply end up with more cancer a few months or years down the road. Survival rates are not going up – yet more people are getting cancer. Our lifestyle just does not encourage wellness.

    Treatment and Cures

    Virtually all chronic diseases can be treated and cured with much simpler remedies than our pharmaceutical laced society thinks. It comes down to making better choices with our food, improving our environment, eating and drinking items that are less or not acidic, engaging in a regular exercise program, and supplementing our diet with green foods, green drinks, and other nutritional supplements that provide optimal health and wellness.

    Religion and Health

    There are two religious groups that prove that this works. Both the Seventh-day Adventists and the Latter-day Saints have a health code that has come to them because of their religions. Both groups are counseled about what they should eat and drink and promised that by doing so they will be healthier. While the details are not exactly the same, both subscribe to what we would consider healthy diets. Latter-day Saints, for instance, are counseled not to drink alcoholic beverages or even coffee and tea.

    And it works. Look at any study done on the general populace compared to these two religious groups and it is evident both groups have less of the diseases talked about above.

    Western medicine is based primarily on diagnosing problems in terms of chemistry. When your bones are brittle, doctor’s call it osteoporosis instead of brittle bones disease and prescribe expensive drugs to effect a so-called cure along with the side effects the drugs bring with them. All that is really needed is a treatment that will enhance bone density including regular physical exercise, vitamin D and mineral supplementation including calcium, natural sunlight, and the avoidance of acidic foods and drinks such as pop, white flour, and sugar. This will neutralize the excess acids in our bodies and bring about our much wanted health and wellness.

    Virtually every disease that is prominent in our modern society -- diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome and so on -- can be dealt with in plain language so that the common person can understand what the problem is and what to do about it. Instead, we have the medical community set up as gods. When they tell us we have some medical problem, for the most part we are also told that only the doctor can really understand and the blind are leading the blind.

    Optimal health and wellness is not rocket science. We simply need to learn what to put into this marvelous machine that is our body. We wouldn’t put oil in our car’s gas tank, why do we put chemical garbage in our bodies? We do because we simply haven’t learned that the people producing our pharmaceuticals as well as our supermarket common foods and drink do not have our best health in mind.

    The best way to be healthy is to make sure that whatever is put into our bodies is as close to nature as possible - whatever its'' purpose.

    I honestly believe that if the simple truth about diseases and their causes were better known, people could largely solve their own problems. To this end this website is dedicated.

    ptimal health and wellness is attainable by almost every person. The knowledge is available and it is not hard to understand. Our wonderful bodies can cure themselves if we provide proper nourishment and exercise and the proper products to correct any problems.

    For the most part the human body is capable of attaining optimum health and wellness, free of disease, without drugs. This is attainable when your body has all of the essential vitamins and minerals it requires, along with a healthy lifestyle.

    The information on this website is for educational purposes only. The writer is not a health professional and ideas presented are not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to either diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your own health care professional.