Throw Away Your Cholesterol Meds!

Throw Away Your Cholesterol Meds!

Think it''s too good to be true? It''s not.Yes diet and exercise are important, but they are just part of the equation. Your liver can produce more cholesterol than you can eat - or it can clear cholesterol from your body.

Recently, the FDA has finally broadcast what practicing physicians have known for years. Cholesterol lowering drugs called statins, can cause major health problems including weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance, muscle damage, memory loss, metabolic syndrome, and even diabetes. Statin drugs such as Lipitor, and Zocor are quite simply, dangerous when taken over extended periods of time. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE TO A MORE NATURAL SOLUTION THAT IS SAFE. Click here for FDA updates.

What is that natural solution? A specific form of Niacin and Vitamin C!

Niacin is an all natural B Vitamin that has been proven to lower cholesterol and LDLs (bad cholesterol) by up to 30%. Some people experience a "flushing" sensation shortly after they take Niacin. To alleviate flushing, a controlled release technology has been developed so the Niacin is slowly released into the bloodstream, thus reducing this flushing sensation. Niacinamide is another form of niacin. It does not give people the flushing sensation but it does not as effective as Niacin for lowering cholesterol.

As you flush cholesterol from your body with Niacin, you may also increase uric acid in your body that, over time, may cause joint pain or gout-like symptoms. To alleviate uric acid buildup, Vitamin C is recommended. Ester-C is a buffered form of Vitamin C that has been shown to be more readily absorbed and milder on the digestive tract that regular Vitamin C.

Finally, statin medications reduce Coenzyme Q10 levels. CoQ10 is a vital enzyme for a variety of functions, in particular cardiovascular functions. Therefore, it is recommended that CoQ10 be used on a regular basis - ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TAKING STATINS!

To help you migrate away from statin medications, My Personal Health has created a cholesterol program that includes controlled release Niacin, Ester-C, and COQ10. Individually, these products would cost you a total of $78.95. The cholesterol program kit is only $67.10. The best way to get off your statin medications is to start on this natural program for 60 days while taking statins. Then have your cholesterol levels checked. As your levels decline, have your doctor lower or stop your statin prescriptions. To start lowering your cholesterol levels, click here.