Small changes go a long way.

Small changes go a long way.

It all starts in your mind

When I started to really think about what I was eating, I also started to think about what I could do to make my food little bit healthier. And have it okay easy and not to much fuzz changing it, because if it is to hard it often makes you want to give up and go back to your old ways. It is amazing when you start to do small changes how easy it really is. And when you think about it you always think why didn’t I do this sooner? As always it starts in your mind, you have to want to change something.

So what can we change?

Here are some things that I did and you can so easily do to, it is just a matter of small changes in your shopping and well little bit more work in the kitchen. And like I said before in your mind.

Small changes go a long way.

One good thing you can do and I never thought about before is instead of making microwave popcorn which normally is fatty and not so healthy for you. It is so easy to make your own popcorn just buy some popcorn get some good oil like coconut and start popping.Make sure you also use good salt like sea salt flakes or himalaya salt .

Instead of buying some sugary juice, buy some organic, clean and fresh fruit juices. Or better yet make your own.

I love chocolate, think I have mention that somewhere here in some other posts, host host. Well instead of eating milk chocolate and big snickers bar try some dark chocolate at least 70% chocolate. It tastes good and the good thing is that you actually eat less of it.

All the sodas we drink, it is actually amazing how much soda people drink to day. And we all know it is not healthy for us. If you don’t want to skip the soda it is a good idea to drink clean soda with that I mean the ones you can see trough. Somewhere you can also find fruit flavoured water that is also sparkling. What I did is that I started by skipping the dark sodas, then all sodas and now I only drink water.

We all love rice with food at least I do. One simple thing you can do to make them healthier. Brown rice and skip the white rice they have hardly any nutrition for you any way, whole rice or even quinoa. Problem solved. And even my kids like them now.

French fries, what is it about them that just makes us want more? Well I think we know. I never eat french fries, I used to though. Why don’t I eat them? They are so unhealthy for you and fatty. I make instead baked potatoes regular and sweat, and then sometimes I make french fries from sweat potatoes, bake them in the oven and the taste yummy. Just try it and remember to use some good and healthy oil on them.

White pasta is a no no in my home, the nutrition out of it is almost none so why bother eat it I say. Instead I buy whole grain pasta or spelt pasta and same as before my kids even like it know. Everything can grow on you.

Ice cream most of the time has a lot of sugar in it and lets face it our kids love ice cream well I love ice cream I could with out being lying eat ice cream every day. What can we do to make it a little bit healthier? Well we can make our own by using frozen fruits, water, fruit juice and put in a blender and in the freezer. You can try to put some coconut milk in it and just use your imagination. It is healthier and it even tastes good.

Ketchup is something that we use a lot here at my home. So when I started to look at the ketchup bottle I saw it has a okay amount of sugar in it. What to do then? Make your own. It isn’t even that hard and it tastes good. And another plus you know exactly what is in it. I use some oil, tomatoes, basil, oregano, agave syrup, garlic, salt and pepper. Everybody here at my home loves it.

The snow ball effect.

This are just some few ideas that I am giving you and there are still so many things you can do to change your diet and life, remember small changes go a long way, they snowball starts small but before you know it it is big and rolling fast down the hill. I promise if you start changing those things you will feel healthier and even loose some weight.